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At Redmond Historical Society, donations and memberships dues go towards keeping Redmond's history alive.

From its early use by Native Americans for fishing camps, to the high-tech hub that it has become, Redmond has a heritage worth protecting and sharing. Funds we raise go towards heritage displays in public spaces, and saving precious records – did you know we have nearly 60,000 images from the Sammamish Valley News that we're starting to digitize? While most of our work is done by volunteers, we still need funds for projects and, eventually, a capital endowment. Please join us in keeping Redmond's soul alive -- fostering a sense of community -- by donating and/or volunteering.


We hope you will join us as a member, or just by coming to our meetings and sharing your experiences. Through member dues and grants, we produce oral histories, biographies, artwork. Some of them are placed on this web site, which we invite you to explore. Your generous donation to the Redmond Historical Society will support projects such as:


  • historical research, electronic archives updates, publication of oral histories and historic documents
  • support for our staff in our office at the Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center
  • education programs
  • display of physical archives
  • monthly meetings for all interested persons with topics of historical significance
  • continuing an effective, permanent presence in the community
  • Read More about our first five years in June 2004 Newsletter


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