Obituaries -- List of Names

The Greater Redmond area has been shaped by thousands of people over time. To honor their contributions, the Society collects the obituaries of those who've been known in the community and came before us. Below is a list of names and the year of death. Full obituaries may be obtained by contacting our office at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  or  425-885-2919.


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Meet a Founding Member: Margaret Wiese

Every respectable historical society needs someone who'll dig into old newspaper archives and we've got that in Margaret "Mew" Wiese, a Society co-founder, board member and connoisseur of the Bellevue Library's newspaper microfiche archive. Margaret has scanned 854 Redmond obituaries over the last four years, and they are all on file in our office. She's also scanned wonderful news clippings and ads, many of which we've run in this newsletter.

"Obits are primarily from the old East Side Journal, the newer Eastside Journal, Seattle Times, Redmond Reporter, Seattle P-I, Lake Washington Reflector, and Journal American," she says. "Most are 1918 to 1932 and 1999 to 2004, covering Redmond and Rose Hill areas. They are mainly for people who died in Redmond. Burial could have been anywhere in the area."


Aamodt Marian G. 2000    
Aamodt Rudolph W. 'Rudy' undated    
Abrenica Cerilo F. 1993 Memorial Booklet  
Adams Arthur 1924    
Adams Clarence W. 1934    
Adams Mrs. Edith 1933    
Adams J.Q. 1934    
Adams Mrs. Rene 1919    
Adams Thomas R. 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Adams Mrs. Wilson 1925    
Adams Thomas Richard 2005 King County Journal  
Adler Denise A. 2000    
Adler Donald M. 1984 Unknown  
Adler Myrtle O. 1986 Unknown  
Albertson Dean Martin 2005 King County Journal  
Alexander Robert Richard 'Rick' 2002    
Allbee Cecil Richard 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Allen Essigene Harshman 1938    
Allen Mary Ann 1938    
Alner Mary A. 1939    
Alner Nels A. 1934    
Alsin Carl J. undated Unknown  
Amos Norman 1999    
Amos Shannon Michelle 2002    
Amy Hildegard 2005 King County Journal  
Anderlee Charles 1931    
Anderson Barbara Y. undated Internet  
Anderson Carl 1933    
Anderson Christina J. 2006 King County Journal  
Anderson Earl R. 2003 King County Journal  
Anderson George V. 2002    
Anderson Greta 1939    
Anderson Hugh 2003 King County Journal  
Anderson Lavina 1932    
Anderson Lewis Walter 2003 King County Journal  
Anderson Lilly May 2002    
Anderson Mrs. George 1934    
Andreasen Bruce W. 2006 King County Journal  
Andresen Henry C. 1930    
Andresen Mary (Mrs. Henry) 1933    
Andresen John A. 1932    
Andrus Jack 2001    
Angman Carl 1946 Issaquah Press  
Angman Mrs. C. M. 1936    
Aries Alfred Anthony 2010 Seattle Times  
Aries Caroline J. 1971 Memorial Booklet  
Aries Harold Carl 1993 Memorial Booklet  
Aries James 1929 Lake Wash. Reflector  
Aries James 1929    
Aries Joseph 1934    
Aries Roseline (1) 1930 Lake Wash. Reflector  
Aries Roseline (2) 1930 East Side Journal  
Arneson-Barker Sue 2002    
Arntson Dorothy G. 2002    
Atkinson Mina E. 1969    
Atkinson Phillip 'Phil' S. 2003 King County Journal  
Atteberry Fern 2002    
Aumiller Ricky D. 1981 Journal American  
Backe Charles 1936    
Baer Helen Isabella 2002    
Baesman Donna Squarebriggs 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Baggett Genevieve Hall 2003 King County Journal  
Bahner John K. 2010 Seattle Times  
Bailie Charlotte Joyce McMonigle 2004 King County Journal  
Bailie Sr. Robert M. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Baird Evelyn M. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Baker Dorla Tubbs 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Baker Edwin N. 2006 King County Journal  
Baker Eric 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Baker Lennea 2004 King County Journal  
Baker Louise Abbott 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Baker William 'Bill' 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Balazic Constance B. 2003 King County Journal  
Ball Patricia L. 2001 Seattle Times  
Balmer Mary Evers 1998 Seattle Times  
Banaji Eddie P. 2006 King County Journal  
Barber Cleopatra A. Higgins Leavitt 2001    
Barger Richard 'Dick' D. 2010 Seattle Times  
Bark Rhea 1996 Unknown  
Barrett Gordon (1) 1962 Unknown  
Barrett Gordon (2) 1962 Unknown  
Barrett Lydia Venichenko 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Bartl Hildegarde 2010 Seattle Times 2009Dec
Bartling Nancy M. 1938    
Batt Elmer C. 1995 Seattle Times  
Beamer Carol C. 'Cal' 2005 King County Journal  
Bean Angela 'Angie' B. 2002    
Beaton Angus 2000    
Beaton Clarice Marie 2009 Seattle Times  
Beazley Helen L. 2002    
Beba Louis 1933    
Beba Rosa 1936    
Bechtol Mrs. E. R. 1919    
Bechtol Ernest Ralph 1931    
Beck Eva 1937    
Beck John B. 1928    
Becker Beverly Ann 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Becker Helene Iverine Louise 2003 King County Journal  
Bednar Barbara A. 2006 King County Journal  
Beech Viola Lucy 1935    
Beeson Paul Bruce, M.D. 2006 Unknown  
Bekins Margaret Elizabeth Wells 2002    
Bell Fern Elizabeth Hutchens 2002    
Bell Kay D. (1) 1994    
Bell Kay D. (2) 1994 Seattle P-I  
Bell Leonard Thomas 2002    
Bellmont Frederick Kasper 2006 King County Journal  
Bendixen Patrick Michael 2008 Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2007Dec
Benson Caroline 1937    
Benson Peter J. 1928    
Benson Sarah F. 1930    
Bentley Mrs. Clarence E. 1931    
Benton Mildred 'Millie' P. 2003 Redmond Reporter  
Benton Roger Leigh 2010 Seattle Times  
Berg Elizabeth Schuman 1939    
Berg Walter 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Berry Eunice Bigelow 2002    
Bertch John Everett 2006 King County Journal  
Bethards Theodore T. 2006 King County Journal  
Beyersdorf Michelle Christine 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Bienenfeld LaVerne 2006 King County Journal  
Binger Esther A. Cotterill 1998 Seattle Times  
Binger Victor Albert 1977 Journal American  
Bird William 'Bill' 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Bjerke Gordon Severt 2005 King County Journal  
Bjorklund Marvin Everett 1999 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Blackie James A. 1930    
Bloom Irma K. 2005 King County Journal  
Bober Randy Joseph 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Bock Nancy 1933    
Boddy E. 1930    
Bodmer Auba E. 2001    
Bogucki Emily 2003 King County Journal  
Bonifaci Robert W., M.D. 2002    
Bonney Bryn Lauren 2002    
Boo Martha R. 2001    
Bookwalter Pauline Sylvia 2003 King County Journal  
Booth Thelma Marie 1928    
Boraca Theodore R. 2002    
Borg Nettie 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Borst Brian Todd 2002 Redmond Reporter 2001Dec
Borst Kate 1938    
Bowdish Michael Dale 2006 King County Journal  
Bowman Reynol M. 2001    
Bowser Mrs. Bertha 1927    
Bowser William 1932    
Boyd Ralph Hamilton 1933    
Boyd Wesley 'Wes' J. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Brace Margaret P. 1996    
Brackaman Jack 1926    
Bradford Anna B. & Sophie M. 2006 King County Journal  
Bradley Mildred 1934    
Brandes Ray 2001    
Brashears Sr. Earl undated Unknown  
Brashears Earl W. 2006 King County Journal  
Bratton Chuck 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Breedman Margaret C. 1993 Unknown  
Brewster Mrs. M. 1933    
Brown Clarence 1939    
Brown Charles 1930    
Brown George 1934    
Brown George Robert 2001    
Brown Henry 1928    
Brown Jerry 2002    
Brown John James 1937    
Brown Philander C. 1925    
Brown Randy T. 2003 King County Journal  
Brown Reta Beadle 2003 King County Journal  
Brown Roberta Barbara 2004 King County Journal  
Brown Thomas Livingston 1985 Unknown  
Brown Tom 1985 Sammamish Valley News  
Brown William 'Bill' 1952 Unknown  
Bruneau Donald Olive 2002    
Brunner Jorge O. 2006 King County Journal  
Bruns Mildred Keith 2009 Seattle Times  
Bryan Audrey E. 2010 Seattle Times  
Bryant Gary Dale 2005 King County Journal  
Bryden Jennie Irene (1) 2010 Seattle Times  
Bryden Jennie Irene (2) 2010 Redmond Recorder  
Buchanan Joan 1932    
Buckley Charles W. 1939    
Buckley Dorothy Nyquist 2002    
Buckley Dorothy Nyquist 2002 Seattle Times  
Buckley Frank W. 1970    
Buckley John W. 1980 Seattle Times  
Buckley Nellie 1958   1957Dec
Buckley Roy W. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Buckwalter John Cassel 2003 King County Journal  
Buettgen Edith 1969 Eastside Journal  
Buettgen Frank 1948 Unknown  
Bulger Mae Snyder 1933    
Bulkley Jr. John McClelland 2006 King County Journal  
Bullock Howard Eugene 2004 King County Journal  
Bulyca Janice Mae 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Burdge William 1929    
Burdick Helen Marjorie Fitzgerald 2006   2005Dec
Burnard Clayton John 2001    
Busscher Elizabeth S. 1936    
Butler Buckston 1936    
Butz Grayce Westenberger 2001    
Bygland Omar 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Bynum Ann O'Quinn 2003 King County Journal  
Cabatit David Anthony 2003 King County Journal  
Calabrese Ruth 2005 King County Journal  
Calkins Bennie G. 1936    
Campbell J. 1934    
Campbell Mrs. 1931    
Carlson Arthur 1956 Unknown  
Carlson C.W. 1905 Pacific Tribune  
Carlson Carl John 'C.J.' 1935    
Carlson Elin E. 1994 Unknown  
Carlson Johanus 1936    
Carlson Paul 1932    
Carlson Rosalie 1950 Unknown  
Carlson Susan Gail 2008 Seattle Times  
Carnino James A. 2003 King County Journal  
Carnino John A. 2003 King County Journal  
Carragher Anne E. 2006 King County Journal  
Carroll James 1937    
Carter Norma E. 2002    
Casey Clinton Gene 2003 King County Journal  
Cassin Thomas 'Tom' Arthur 1999    
Castle Jessie Irene 2003 King County Journal  
Catton John William 1936    
Cease Elsie Mary 1983 Memorial Booklet  
Cease Elsie M. 1983 Unknown  
Cech Richard 'Rick' D. 2005 King County Journal  
Cerqui John William(p.1 of 2) 1998 Memorial Booklet  
Cerqui John William(p.2 of 2) 1998 Memorial Booklet  
Chamberlin C. J. 1928 Lake Wash. Reflector  
Chamberlin Charles Ira 1928    
Chapin George Albert 1934    
Charles Richard 'Dick' 2006 King County Journal  
Chart Mrs. Ina 1930    
Chatfield Ellen G. 1928    
Chaus Manuel 'Manny' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Chess Richard 'Dick' 2006 King County Journal  
Chew James Leroy 2001    
Christiansen Ernest M. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Churchill Mildred F. 1983 Memorial Booklet  
Churchill Mildred F. 1983 Sammamish Valley News  
Churchill Robert B. 2004 King County Journal  
Churchman Morris W. 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Clancey Alice 1932    
Clapp Mary Lee 2002    
Clark Florence M. 2003 King County Journal  
Clark Gail Elizabeth 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Clark L. W. 1938    
Clausen Henry Kristian 1999    
Clawson Jay C. 1999 Eastside Journal  
Clement Elaine Sjolander 2010 Seattle Times  
Clingen Mrs. P. H. 1931    
Clise Mrs. James William 1936    
Collins Harold David 2002    
Collins Leslie Roger 'Les' 2003 King County Journal  
Colman James MacAlpine 2003 King County Journal  
Compton George 1929    
Compton Vern Elmer 2003 King County Journal  
Conine Jr. William 'Bill' C. 2001    
Conley John Edward 2003 King County Journal  
Connell Donna Lee Agar 2006 King County Journal  
Connery Edward 1906 The Kirkland Press  
Connery Joseph 1919    
Conroy Cora Idella 1933    
Conway Bert 1933    
Cook Ben M. 2001 Unknown  
Cook Dorothy Marie 2008 Seattle Post-Intelligencer 2007Dec
Cook George T. 2003 King County Journal  
Cook Russell Winfield 1926    
Cooper Mildred S. 2002    
Cooper Owen 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Cooper Roy 2001 Seattle Times  
Cooper Walter 1936    
Core Leona A. 2006 King County Journal  
Corwin Earl 1933    
Cote Terry Jeppeson 2003 King County Journal  
Cotterill Alice 1926 Seattle Times  
Cotterill Cora Rowena Gormley 1938 Unknown  
Cotterill Esther 1976    
Cotterill George Fletcher (1) 1958 Unknown  
Cotterill George Fletcher (2) 1958 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Cotterill Harry 1965    
Cotterill Katharine Owen 1954 Unknown  
Cotterill Robert 1908 Seattle Times  
Cotterill Robert 1964    
Couch Gary Arthur 2009    
Coulson Roy 1938 Seattle Times  
Coury-Shontz Mary Jo 2010 Seattle Times  
Couture Mrs. 1934    
Couture Philip 1926    
Cox-Steger Maren Inga 2003 King County Journal  
Crawley Robert A. 2010 Seattle Times  
Crenna Mr. 1929    
Crerar Florence M. 2003 King County Journal  
Cronin Alice Engebrecht 2001    
Cronogue Elizabeth 'Betty' 2003 King County Journal  
Crosby Lenora D. 1929    
Cross Jeua 1928    
Crowe Ethel M. 2009 Seattle Times  
Crowell Virginia Dare 2010 Seattle Times  
Cunningham David L. 2010 Seattle Times  
Curtis Lilly May 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Dahl A. 1939    
Dahlberg Victor 2003 King County Journal  
Dalbey John Lane 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Daly Captain Hugh 1928    
Daugherty Charles W. 1932    
Davick Elvera G. 1937    
Davidson John E. 2005 King County Journal  
Davis Dan 2006 King County Journal  
Davis David R. 1926    
Davis George A. 1945 Memorial Booklet  
Davis Julia Belle 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Davis Newton E. 1990 Journal American 1989Dec
Davis Sean L. 2001    
Dawley Fern Louise 2003 Unknown  
Dawley L. Curtis 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Dawson Donald A. 2001    
Dawson Donald A. 2001 Seattle Times  
deCoup-Crank Dave 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Defoe Mildred M. 2002    
de Jong Cory and Ruby 2002 Seattle Times  
de Jong Cory and Ruby 2002    
de Jong Cory and Ruby (p.1 of 3) 2002 Memorial Booklet  
de Jong Cory and Ruby (p.2 of 3) 2002 Memorial Booklet  
de Jong Cory and Ruby (p.3 of 3) 2002 Memorial Booklet  
Demeree Fred Francis 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Denton Lois 1933    
Denyes Adelaide 1929    
Denzer Marguerite 1996 Memorial Booklet  
Devine Laura M. 1934    
DeVore Karen A. 2006 King County Journal  
DeWitt Edward Charles 2006 King County Journal  
DeWitt Marie D. 2001    
Dickson John S. 2002    
DiJulio Flobell 'Florence' 2005 King County Journal  
Dillman Veda D. 2002    
Dillon Emma Pauline Bernadette 2006 King County Journal  
Dincov Boris 1966 Sammamish Valley News  
Dobbs Margaret 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Dodd George Frederick 1926    
Dodd Ralph 1983 Unknown  
Dodd William K. 1937    
Dodds G. F. 1926    
Donald Herbert 'Herb' O. 2002    
Donlan John M. 'Jack' 2001    
Donnelly Emma B. 1942   1941Dec
Donnelly William D. 1934    
Doohan James 'Scotty' 2005 National Post -- Canada  
Doolittle Edgar 'Ed' J. 2002    
Dornan Shawn Marie 2006 King County Journal  
Douglass William 'Pete' 1967 Memorial Booklet  
Douglass W.O. 'Pete' 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Doull Joe 1934    
Dow Carolynne Davies Marie 2006 King County Journal  
Downey Marguerite Elaine 2006 King County Journal  
Dubuque Ivan 1924    
Dudley Irene Way 2009 Seattle Times  
Dudley Robert R. 1936    
Duke Guinevere 2001    
Dulaney-Mack Mrs. 2004 Seattle Times  
Dunbar Irene Way 1967 Unknown  
Dunbar Ward Leslie 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Dunkin Thomas McGowan 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Dunlap Jr. Travis Jefferson 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Dunn Thomas 1932    
Dupar Jr. Frank A. 2001    
Durkee Z. Eldon 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Durkoop C.H. 1931    
Durkoop Mrs. C. H. 1918    
Dwyer T. N. 1933    
Earnheart Duane 1931    
Eaton George T. 1994 Journal American  
Ecklund William O. 1996    
Ecklund William O. 1996 Memorial Booklet  
Ecola Charles 'Chuck' R. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Eddy George E. 1932    
Eddy Leona 1998 Seattle Times  
Eddy William Thomas 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Edwards Francis J. 2006 King County Journal  
Egashira Jerry 2003 King County Journal  
Eggleston Sr. Wilfred 'Bill' C. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Eldeun Earl James 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Elduen Marjorie 'Marge' 2003 King County Journal  
Elduen Oscar C. 2000    
Elduen Reinard 1931    
Elduen Roy E. 2005 King County Journal  
Elduen Violet M. Cook (p. 1 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Elduen Violet M. Cook (p. 2 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Elduen Violet M. Cook 2009 Seattle Times  
Elkin Richard 2001 Seattle Times  
Elkins Jr. William 1943 Unknown  
Elliott Judith Ann 1999    
Ellis Mrs. William 1927    
Eney Ellwood Al Ronald 2003 King County Journal  
Engelstone Eric Holger 2004 King County Journal  
Ennes John Allan 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Ennes Judith Ann 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Enright Thomas H. 2000    
Estrin Victor E. 2001    
Etter William H. 2002    
Etzler James C. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Evanson Parnell A. 2003 King County Journal  
Evans Dale Leroy (1) 2003 King County Journal  
Evans Dale Leroy (2) 2003 King County Journal  
Evans Louise Suzanne 2006 King County Journal  
Evans Robert H. Undated Sammamish Valley News  
Evers Ethel M. Cotterill (p. 1 of 2) 2010 Memorial Booklet  
Evers Ethel M. Coltterill (p. 2 of 2) 2010 Memorial Booklet  
Evers Ethel M. Cotterill 2010 Seattle Times  
Evers Eugene 'Gene' Charles 2005 King County Journal  
Evers Sr. Henry 1938    
Everson Clarence McKinley (1) 1989 Memorial Booklet  
Everson Clarence M. (2) 1989 Journal American  
Everson Gladys Adelia 1989 Memorial Booklet  
Everson Mrs. G. H. 1935    
Everson Richard L. 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Ewing Douglas Scott 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Exe Michael Ray 2003 King County Journal  
Falconer Ida 1934    
Farquharson Mary Eileen 2003 King County Journal  
Faulds William A. 1933    
Faulkner Frances Harrell 2004 King County Journal  
Fay Edith Kristine 2005 King County Journal  
Febus George M. 2006 King County Journal  
Feczko Susan B. 2006 King County Journal  
Ferguson Joe 1938    
Ferguson Kristian 2005 Seattle Times  
Ferguson Mrs. C. M. 1934    
Ferguson Walter A. 1931    
Ferrelli Joseph L. 2005 Redmond Reporter  
File Paula Ann Smith 2002    
Findell Suzanne 2001    
Fink David O. 2002   

Fink Lewis D. 2018 Seattle Times

Finn Phyllis Jean Berry 2003 King County Journal  
Fischer Lloyd 2006 King County Journal  
Fish J. M. 1932    
Fisher Louella 'Lou' 2007 Woodinville Weekly  
Fiss Sarah L. 1935    
Fix Paul F. 2003 King County Journal  
Fletcher Beatrice Pearl 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Fletcher Mrs. Mark L. 1919    
Flippin Otis Ray 2010 Seattle Times  
Flynn Bonnie 2003 King County Journal  
Flynn Julia Ann 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Flynn Thomas E. 2002 Redmond Reporter 2001Dec
Folk Stina 1939    
Foote Martha Bernice 2005 King County Journal  
Forbes Robert J. 1965 Sammamish Valley News  
Forcier, Jr. Andrew (1) 2009 Seattle Times  
Forcier, Jr. Andrew (2) 2010 Redmond Recorder 2009Oct
Forcier Agnes 1957 Unknown  
Forcier John Charles 1943 Unknown  
Forcier Marge 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Forcier Melvina unknown Unknown  
Forcier Mrs. Thomas 1927    
Forcier Thomas 1929    
Forgue Louis 1935    
Forque Eva Irene 2001    
Forque Wallace Sr. 2005 King County Journal  
Forrester Louise Suzanne 1934    
Forrester Thomas Sidney 1936    
Fosberg Ruth Ann (p. 1 of 2) 2005 Memorial Booklet  
Fosberg Ruth Ann (p. 2 of 2) 2005 Memorial Booklet  
Foss Daphne L. Rosford 1987 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Foster Rita A. (1) 2006 King County Journal  
Foster Rita A. (2) 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Fowler Charles 'Chuck' 2002    
Fox Garfield 'Gar' 2003 King County Journal  
Franks Jane Elizabeth 2002    
Fransen Peter 1934    
Freeman Mable 1931    
French Harry D. 1937    
Fridan Marie 1938    
Frissell Dagmar 1932    
Frost Roxanne 2001 Seattle Times  
Gall Arthur Eugene 2002    
Gallagher John Patrick 2002    
Galley Newton M. 1991 Journal American  
Gangi Janis M. 2001    
Gannett James R.(p.1 of 2) 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Gannett James R.(p.2 of 2) 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Garbarino Esther 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Gardner Lorena 1935    
Garretson Charlotte A. 2003 Redmond Reporter 2002Dec
Gay James 'Jim' 2002    
Gebel Philip J. 1931    
Gee Robert M. 2005 King County Journal  
Geffe Deanne Rae Berg 2002    
Genovese Sam 2003 King County Journal  
Gerard Florence R. 2001    
Gering Lloyd 2001 Seattle Times  
Gering Lloyd 2001    
Gering Robert 'Bob' 2001    
Gielgens Wilhelmina 'Willy' 2005 King County Journal  
Gilbert Dale H. 1999    
Gilbert E.E. 1935    
Gilbert Helena Mina 2004 King County Journal  
Gilbert Jennie 1942 Seattle Times  
Gilbert Julia Alice 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Gill Delilah 1934    
Gill Henry 1924    
Gillespie Rollin Wilson 2003 King County Journal  
Gleason Judge Charles 1932    
Glover Marguerite Johnson 1934    
Godfrey Jessie M. 2003 King County Journal  
Goff Amos 1934    
Goodnow Mrs. Charles C. 1936    
Gordon Rhett J. 2000    
Gordon Ryan William 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Gorlick Audrey (p. 1 of 2) 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Gorlick Audrey (p. 2 of 2) 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Gorski Leonard L. 2003 King County Journal  
Gossard Beth Lynn 2010 Seattle Times  
Gowin Norman E. 2010 Seattle Times  
Graff Frederick 1927    
Graham James (Old Jim) 1927    
Grant Mr. 1929    
Grant William E. 1983 Sammamish Valley News  
Grathwohl Harrison L. 2010 Seattle Times  
Graves George M. D. 1928    
Green Agnes Eleanor Marie 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Green Archie William 1923    
Green Lewis 1973 Sammamish Valley News  
Green Mrs. 1928    
Green Warren Robert 2003 King County Journal  
Gregory Linda Kay Benson 2006 King County Journal  
Griffin Clayton 1999 Seattle Times  
Griffin Louise Ann 2010 Seattle Times  
Griffin Robert J. 2001    
Grimstad Kenneth A. 1999    
Gronlund Aase 'Lee' 2005 King County Journal  
Grossman George 1936    
Grosvenor Ann 'Baba' Undated    
Grosvenor Ann 2000 Memorial Booklet  
Grunke Elaine May 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Guilbeault Richard N. 2010 Seattle Times  
Gunderson Mrs. O. 1928    
Gustafson Helen J. 2002    
Guyman Leola M. Gilbert (1) 1995 Unknown  
Guyman Leola Gilbert (2) 1995 Seattle Times  
Gwerder Joseph 'Joe' H. 2002    
Hagerty Marie Berlin 2002    
Haggard William H. 1939    
Haghnazarian Sonia 2003 King County Journal  
Hagstrom Hilding 1938    
Hahnlen Jeffrey Loren 2008 Seattle Times  
Haines David 2004 King County Journal  
Hale James S. 2001    
Hammersberg Clara McSparran 2010 Redmond Recorder  
Hammersberg Edith Marie 2000    
Hammond S.R. "Sid" 1983 Sammamish Valley News  
Hanscom Jr. Robert C. 2002    
Hanscom Sr. Robert C. 2003 King County Journal  
Hansen Arvid 1934    
Harder David R. 2010 Seattle Times  
Hardwick Phillip 'Flip' 2002    
Hardwick Steve E. (1) 2001    
Hardwick Steve E. (2) 2001    
Hargraves Thomas 1934    
Hargrove Betty James 2002    
Hargrove Eugene 2007 Seattle Times  
Harpel Joanne Marie 2010 Seattle Times  
Harper Frederick 2000    
Harris Walter L. 1937    
Hart John 'Jack' Wesley 2010 Seattle Times  
Harter Leland Grant (p. 1 of 2) 2004 Memorial Booklet  
Harter Leland Grant (p.2 of 2) 2004 Memorial Booklet  
Harter Leland Grant 2004 Unknown  
Hartig Carl Paul 2000    
Hartman Larry E. (p. 1 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Hartman Larry E. (p. 2 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Hartman Opie(2) 2010 Redmond Recorder 2009Oct
Hartman Opie(1) 2010 Seattle Times 2009Oct
Hartmann Jr. Harold 'Hal' Everett 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Hartshorn Susie C. 1927    
Haselton Carolyn Jean 2007 King County Journal  
Hatcher Alice Jane 1937    
Hattenburg Ruth E. 2001    
Hauer Lauralee 'Laura' 2004 Seattle Times  
Hawley Elmer N. 1982 Journal American  
Hayek Marion Lena 2006 King County Journal  
Hayes Todd M. 2003 King County Journal  
Hazelet Calvin D. 2002    
Heath Howard William 2001 Seattle Times  
Heath Ira 1959 Sammamish Valley News  
Hebner George Provan 2010 Seattle Times  
Hedreen Carl A. 2000    
Heiden Robert 1936    
Heieren Palmer 'Bud' 2006 King County Journal  
Heins Rita Maude 2005 King County Journal  
Helland Virginia Ryan 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Heneghan James Joseph 2010 Seattle Times  
Henley Philip W. 2006 King County Journal  
Herbst IV Charles F. 2006 King County Journal  
Herzog Francis Antone 1936    
Herzog Katrina 1932    
Heyes Margaret Ann 2002    
Hickman Eunice 1923    
Higgenbotham Harriet E. 2006 Seattle Times 2005Dec
Hill Charles A. 1934    
Hill Ella Mae 1963 Sammamish Valley News  
Hill Sr. Nelson Melvin 'Mel' 2002    
Hilliger Louis 1930    
Hines Donald 1998 Seattle Times  
Hodor Raymond Michael 'Ray' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Hoffman Mrs. Ed 1924    
Hoffner Olive Cotterill S. 1996    
Hofstad Mr. and Mrs. O. 1918    
Hohmann Vincent 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Hoisington Oletta 1938    
Hokenson Frances Viola 2003 Redmond Reporter 2002Dec
Hollenbeck Terry Lynn Hartzog 2004 King County Journal  
Holpuch Kathlene S. 2000    
Hopper David C. 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Howard Thomas W. 1933    
Howe Chelsea M. 2008 Seattle Times  
Hoyt Loren V. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Hudson Thelma E. M. 2002    
Hudson William H. 'Bill' 2010 Seattle Times  
Huffman Lottie M. 1924    
Huffmann Lenna G. 1918    
Hughes James 1930   1929Dec
Hughes Kela 2008 Seattle Times  
Hughes William F. 1936    
Hullin Stephen Light 2002    
Hultgren John 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Hummer Thelma 'T.J.' Jane 2002    
Humphrey Will E. 1906 The Kirkland Press  
Humula Rainer E. 2003 King County Journal  
Hunt Sr. Lt. Col. Robert E. 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Hunter Alan 1937    
Hunter George 1936    
Hutchinson William A. 1924    
Ingersoll John Henry 1970 Sammamish Valley News  
Ingram Thomas Robert (1) 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Ingram Thomas (2) 2007 King Television Website  
Ingram Tom (3) 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Irish Albert Leon 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Isaacson Arnold B. 'Ike' 2000   1999Dec
Isackson Anna 1973 Unknown  
Isackson Esther Matilde 1923    
Isackson Isac Gust 1938    
Isackson Gust C. 2001    
Isackson Leona Agnes 1991 Memorial Booklet  
Iversen Sr. Henry 1934    
Iverson Henry 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Jackling Edwin W. 2001    
Jackson Chester Charles 2010 Seattle Times  
Jackson Virginia M. 2001    
Jacobson Clifton Allen 1927    
Jacobson Richard L. 2004 Seattle Times  
Jaggers Theodore 'Ted' E. 2003 King County Journal  
Jagla-Baughman Kimberly M. 2001    
Janasz Avis Lucille Klein 2006 King County Journal  
Janus Daniel 2010 legacy.com  
Janus Danny 'Dan' Lee 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Jarocki Elsie L. 2003 King County Journal  
Jarvi Mickie Delia Forcier 2010 Seattle Times  
Jensen James 'Jim' Jon 2002    
Jensen Mary Porter 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Jez Joseph N. 1984 Bellevue American  
Johns Evelyn C. 2001    
Johns Pauline A. 2003 King County Journal  
Johns Theodore 1968 Northshore Citizen  
Johnson Agnes Eleanor Marie 1991 Memorial Booklet  
Johnson Alice M. 2008 Woodinville Weekly  
Johnson Anna 1978 Memorial Booklet  
Johnson Carolina Amelia Sundvisson 1958 Unknown  
Johnson Charles W. 1965 Sammamish Valley News  
Johnson Charlotte 2003 King County Journal  
Johnson Dennison 'Denny' R. 2005 King County Journal  
Johnson Donald 2003 King County Journal  
Johnson Dorothy Tyson 1937    
Johnson Edwin 1977 Unknown  
Johnson Eric O. 1992 Unknown  
Johnson Erick P. (E.P.) (1) 1953    
Johnson Erick Paul (E.P.) (2) 1953 Unknown  
Johnson Eugene 'Gene' 2009 Unknown  
Johnson Hans A. 1955 Issaquah Press  
Johnson Harold D. 'Hap' 1974 Sammamish Valley News 1973Dec
Johnson Harry R. 1981 Seattle Times  
Johnson Hazel L. 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Johnson John 1928    
Johnson John E. 1932    
Johnson Lydia N. 2003 King County Journal  
Johnson Mabel 1966 Sammamish Valley News  
Johnson Margaret 'Peggy' L. 2003 King County Journal  
Johnson Marie I. 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Johnson Mark 1964 Sammamish Valley News  
Johnson Mary Amanda 1939    
Johnson Mrs. Peter 1930    
Johnson Paul M. 1999    
Johnson Petra 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Johnson Russell M. 2002    
Johnston Roger B. 2004 King County Journal  
Johnson William L. 1975 Seattle Times  
Jones Charles D. 'Chuck' 2005 Redmond Reporter 2004Dec
Jones Charles G. 1999    
Jones Darrell Arthur Woodard 1972    
Jones Dennis Lee 2006 King County Journal  
Jones Dorothy Gwendolyn Bailey 2003 Redmond Reporter  
Jones Frances L. 2003    
Jones Frederick W. 2001    
Jones Harry 1935    
Jones Josephine L. 'Jo' 2001    
Jordan George Alvin 2009 Seattle Times  
Jordan Mary M. 1935    
Jorgensen Leo W. 'Ray' 2003 Redmond Reporter  
Judd Willa S. 2001    
Kaiser Chelton Roland 'Ron' 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Kamphorst Elizabeth 'Betty' 2001    
Kappenman Russell 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Kastner Ernest L. 2005 King County Journal  
Kaye Hugona 'Gona' 2006 King County Journal  
Keene Emile 2003 King County Journal  
Keene Esther 2003 King County Journal  
Keener Anna Catherine 1999    
Keir Catherine B. 1966 Sammamish Valley News  
Keller Infant 1936    
Keller Mrs. Helen A. 1922    
Keller Morris Joseph 1934    
Keller Norman 1936    
Keller Robert E., DDS 1986 Sammamish Valley News  
Kelley William L. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Kelln Lorinda Grace 2006 King County Journal  
Kellogg Russell Pomeroy 2006 Memorial Booklet  
Kellogg Russell Pomeroy 2006 King County Journal  
Kendall Jack Ely 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Kennedy Julia Mae 1931    
Kennedy Marsha Anne Fitzhugh 2003 King County Journal  
Kerwin Weston J. 1984 Sammamish Valley News  
Kilpatrick Eugene 'Gene' Leonard 2003 King County Journal  
Kimball Austin 2006 King County Journal  
Kimbrough J. Austin 2006 King County Journal  
King C. Warren 2002    
Kinney Irene Reil 2001    
Kirk Alvin Dewey 'Al' 2006 King County Journal  
Kirkland James 1932    
Kirkpatrick Elaine May 2000    
Kiser Cora 1932    
Kiser Frank 1934    
Kittler Walter E. 'Wally' 2000    
Kjallin Freda Salena 1927    
Kjallin Olaf Gustav 1932    
Klingele Esther A. 2003 King County Journal  
Klopfenstein Jr. Clarence F. 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Knight Fred 1928    
Knorr Melvin D.(1) 2006 King County Journal  
Knorr Melvin D.(2) 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Koehler Aaron 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Koepke Lorraine 2003 King County Journal  
Kohlman Donald D. 2002    
Koon Laura Elizabeth 2001 Seattle Times  
Koontz Charles 1935    
Koopmans Theodore 'Ted' 2006 King County Journal  
Kopak Teena 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Korsmo Mary Helen 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Kortgard Mrs. B. 1938    
Koschmann Emily 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Kradenpoth Rolf H. 2005 King County Journal  
Kratzer Joyce K. 2003 King County Journal  
Kress Timothy 'Timmy' Michael 2002    
Kreiling Maria 2002    
Kristianson Martin O. 1932    
Kufel Laurie Ann Kirtley 2003 King County Journal  
Kuhlman Frances E. 2006 King County Journal  
LaBrie Lester Joseph 1990 Memorial Booklet  
LaBrie Lester Joseph 1990 Eulogy  
Lackey Clinton H. 1937    
Lamb Martha H. 2010 Seattle Times  
Lambdin Stephen 2000    
Lamont Mrs. A. L. 1925    
Lampaert Adile Victor (1) 1955 Unknown  
Lampaert Adile Victor (2) 1955 Unknown  
Lampaert Glenn G. 2006 King County Journal  
Lampaert Grace L. 2003 King County Journal  
Lampaert Roy V. (1) 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Lampaert Roy Victor (2) 2008 Lemly Chapel online  
Lampaert Roy (3) 2008 Redmond Recorder  
Landweer Catherine 2006 King County Journal  
Lang J. Leonard 1936    
Lang Nancy Viola 1991 Memorial Booklet  
Lang Orrin W. 1936    
Lankford Bobby 'Bob' Ray 2003 King County Journal  
Larson Helen Jean 1929    
Larson Muriel F. 2003 King County Journal  
Larson Ruth 2002    
Lawson John D. 2001    
Lawson John David 2001 Memorial Booklet  
Lawson Patricia Ruth Blaney 2010 Seattle Times  
Leatha Vernon 1978 Sammamish Valley News  
Leavitt Ed (aka Ed Major) 1932    
Leavitt Virginia Marie 2000    
Lee Henry Clay 1923    
Leeper William C. 2003 King County Journal  
Leeum Ella Phoebe 1928    
Leeum Mrs. E. O. 1929    
Leicester William P. 'Bill' Undated Unknown  
Leighton Howard J. 1995 Unknown  
Leithe Evelyn Nellie 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Lentz Philip Edward 2007 Seattle Times  
Lepine Ida 1930    
Lepine Joe 1933    
Lepine Sarah 1934    
Leptich Kathleen Kardong 1996    
Leslie Shirley Lucile Longan 2001    
Lester Frank H. G. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Levinthall Zelda Roschelle 2002    
Lewis Daisy E. 1937    
Lewis Kathleen Lynn 2010 Seattle Times  
Lewis Lemeal Clayton Jr. (1) 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Lewis Lemeal Clayton Jr. (2) 2006 King County Journal  
Liddle Robert F. 2010 Seattle Times  
Lieum Oscar Edwin 1938    
Lill Kathleen 'Katie' M. 2003 King County Journal  
Lindgren Mrs. John 1935    
Lindstrom Claude Henry 1939    
Lindstrom Mrs. Ed 1927    
Lindstrom Mildred Irene 2002    
Lingvall Lawrence P. 1933    
Linn William 1973    
Linstedt Gary William 2010 Seattle Times  
Linville Kenny 2004 King County Journal  
Locks Sr. Thomas J. 2003 King County Journal  
Long Helen Marie 2003 King County Journal  
Longwell John Wayne 2006 King County Journal  
Lorang Lee 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Lorenzen Etta Mae 2003 King County Journal  
Lott Harry 1930    
Louma Matt 1928    
Lovejoy Mrs. Delavin 1926    
Lowe John Jay 2000    
Lowe LuLu 1973 Unknown  
Lubow Miriam (p. 1 of 2) 2008 Seattle Times  
Lubow Miriam (p. 2 of 2) 2008 Seattle Times  
Lucarelli Mary 2002    
Lucas Tom 1935    
Lutterman Elizabeth 'Betty' 2001 Seattle P-I  
Lybyer Eleanor Mae 2006 King County Journal  
Lydon Daniel 1932    
Lydon Mike 1935    
Lyon Herbert Arthur 2006 King County Journal  
Lyons Rachelle 'Shelly' 2001    
Mace Clara E. 1934    
Macomber Isabela Mary 1973 Seattle Times  
Magnuson Alfred 1973    
Magnuson Delores Laverne 2010 Seattle Times  
Magnuson Margaret N. 1999    
Magnuson Oscar 1932    
Magnussen Edith 1939    
Magnussen Elmer Francis 2010 Seattle Times  
Magnussen Elnora Lila 1923    
Magnus(s)en Ingvart 1928    
Magnussen Tor (1) 1985 Sammamish Valley News  
Magnussen Tor (2) 1985 Unknown  
Maier Velma Bucholz 2005 King County Journal  
Major Ed -- see Ed Leavitt      
Major Mrs. 1935    
Makowsky Robert B. 2003 King County Journal  
Mandel Lurames 2003 King County Journal  
Mann Frank 2003 King County Journal  
Mann Marjorie L. 'Marge' (1) 2008 Kirkland Reporter  
Mann Marjorie L. (2) 2008 East Oregonian  
Mann Marjorie L. (3) 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Mann Marge (4) 2008 Redmond Recorder  
Manning Harvey 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Mansfield Phyllis Dent 2002    
March Scott 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Mardis Victoria 2002 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Marino Joseph 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Marr Clare Marie 'Amo'(1) 2010 Seattle Times  
Marr Clare Marie 'Amo'(2) 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Marr Clare Marie 'Amo'(3) 2010 Redmond Recorder  
Marr William 'Bill' E. 2001 Redmond Reporter  
Martin Ward Wayland 2009 Seattle Times  
Martin Marie T. "Peggy" (1) 2001 Seattle Times  
Martin Marie T. "Peggy" (2) 2001    
Martin Mrs. 1925    
Martin Pearl Irent 2006 King County Journal  
Marvin Robert A. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Massey Janice K. 2001    
Mason Robert O. 1963 Sammamish Valley News  
Matheson Ebben 1919    
Matney Frances Vera 1934    
Matsui George Shegio 2005 King County Journal  
Mattson Agnes H. 1938    
Mauk Barnes Everett 2003 Redmond Reporter  
Mayberry Louise Mae 2007 King County Journal 2006Dec
McCabe Cleao R. 'Mac' 2003 King County Journal  
McCann Wayne Douglas 'Doug' 2001    
McCarty Gladys 2006 King County Journal  
McCaslin Phyllis T. 2003 King County Journal  
McCausland Louis Eva 2005 King County Journal  
McCrabb Kathleen J. 2003 King County Journal  
McCracken Ollie Bertren 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
McCullough Robert R. (1) 2006 King County Journal  
McCullough Robert R. (2) 2006 King County Journal  
McCullough Robert (3) 2006 Seattle Times  
McDiarmid Robert S. 2001    
McDonald Albert J. 2007 Redmond Reporter  
McDonald Jo Quigley 2006 King County Journal  
McDonald Richard Keith 2003 King County Journal  
McDonald Robert W., M.D. 2003 King County Journal  
McEvers Ed 1918    
McEvers Frances Eileen (1) 2010 Seattle Times  
McEvers Frances Eileen (2) 2010 Redmond Recorder  
McEvers Jr. Hugh 1935    
McEwen Isabel Ruble 2006 King County Journal  
McFarlan Judith A. 'Judy' 2001    
McGrath Barbara Lucille 2003 King County Journal  
McGrew Vicki Vail 2006 King County Journal  
McInnes Marjorie M. 2002    
McIntyre James Patrick 2002    
MacIsaac Archie 1939    
McKay Andy 1938    
McKay Mary Eleanor 1928    
McKee Arthur Gerald 1936    
McKee Evelyn Dawn Kelley 2001    
McKeown Doris H. 2001    
McKibben Sr. Ernest C. 1974    
McKillop Dr. Emmett F. 2001    
McLauchlin Thomas Allen 1967    
McLaughlin Betty Mae 2002    
McMeins James William 2006 King County Journal  
McMillan Glennister 1928    
McNae Bert (p. 1 of 2) 2002 Seattle Times  
McNae Bert (p. 2 of 2) 2002 Seattle Times  
McSparran Mildred M. 2004 King County Journal  
McSteen Thomas F. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Melenyzer-Price Carol 2006 King County Journal  
Melton Laura Anna 2004 King County Journal  
Melvoin Evelyn Martha Gronlund 2003 King County Journal  
Mempa Lanny R. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Menz Lauren E. 2010 Seattle Times 2009Dec
Mercereau Homer T. (1) 1936    
Mercereau Homer T. (2) 1936    
Meredith Gaylord A. 'Buzz' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Merrill Genevieve 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Merrow Mary 1948 Sammamish Valley News  
Michael William 'Bill' 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Michalski Olga 2004 King County Journal  
Michaud Bruce 2007 King County Journal  
Mickelsen John F. 2002    
Milham Garold 'Jerry' R. 2002    
Miller Belle 1939    
Miller Betty unknown Unknown  
Miller Betty Jane 1974 Memorial Booklet  
Miller Carrie 1930    
Miller Helen 1934    
Miller Jack 2002    
Miller Mary E. 1999    
Miller Mary O. 2002    
Miller Peter J. 1928    
Mills Vernon S. 2000    
Mindt June B. Cook 2001    
Miniken Harry Jack 2001 Seattle Times  
Miner Dorothy Jean 2006 King County Journal  
Miner John (p. 1 of 2) 2004 Memorial Booklet  
Miner John (p. 2 of 2) 2004 Memorial Booklet  
Minor Richard 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Mirante Carmela Sacco 2005 King County Journal  
Mitchell Christine Pirrie 1937    
Mitchell Edith May 2003 King County Journal  
Mitchell Mike 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Mnatsakanova Elmira 2006 King County Journal  
Monier Roy M. 2001    
Monnot Ed L. 2009 Seattle Times  
Monro Susan 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Monroe Genevra D. 2003 King County Journal  
Montegut Christian Edward 2006 King County Journal  
Montgomery John Addison 1929    
Montgomery Maxine 'Maxx' 2010 Seattle Times  
Moon Glenn W. 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Moore Elizabeth 'Betty' N. Davis 2006 King County Journal  
Morelli Albarosa 1999 Seattle Times  
Morelli Ida Paiola 2001 Seattle Times  
Morelli Ida Paiola 2001    
Morelli Lena 1934    
Morford O.J. 1930    
Morgan Elizabeth M. 2006 King County Journal  
Morris Wade 1938    
Morrison Caroline 1924    
Morse Ward Marion 2010 Seattle Times  
Motika Bernice A. 2002    
Mott Margaret Aries 1987 Memorial Booklet  
Mott Mary M. 1918    
Moulton Sharon Ann Faull 2006 King County Journal  
Mount Louise Dorothy Moyer-Hill(p.1 of 2) 2006 Memorial Booklet  
Mount Louise Dorothy Moyer-Hill(p.2 of 2) 2006 Memorial Booklet  
Mowbray John W. 2000    
Mullen Dr. Bernard J. 2001    
Mulrooney Gladys 2003 King County Journal  
Munack Eric 2006 King County Journal  
Munn Robert Nicholas (1) 2003 Redmond Reporter 2002Dec
Munn Robert Nicholas (2) 2003 King County Journal 2002Dec
Munson Mrs. M. 1919    
Murdock Lawrence C. 2006 King County Journal  
Murillo Sally Marie 2005 King County Journal  
Murphy Bernard (1) 1925    
Murphy Bernard (2) 1925    
Murphy Gertrude E. 'Gertie' 1999    
Murray John E. 1966 Sammamish Valley News  
Myre Hilda 1937    
Nannery Geraldine Mae 'Geri' Allen 2006 King County Journal  
Narducci Ermanno 2000    
Nason Florence Collman 1999    
Neal Harry L. 2000    
Neal Lloyd 2002    
Neal Oren D. 2006 King County Journal 2005Dec
Neal Roy Edward 2002    
Neff Maurine 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Neilsen Mary 1933    
Neilson Janet Ware 1936    
Nein Mary' Eleanor 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Nellans Max C. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Nelson Dennis K. 2003 King County Journal  
Nelson Evelyne R. 2006 King County Journal  
Nelson James F. 2003 King County Journal  
Nelson Larry 2007 King Television Website  
Nelson Stephen Willard 2008 Seattle Times  
Nelson William B. 1963 Sammamish Valley News  
Neslund Arthur J. 1967 Unknown  
Newbom John L. 'Newby' 2000    
Newby Russell G. 2001    
Newton Patricia 'Pat' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Nicholls Dr. Maxwell Nicholls (1) 2002 Seattle Times 2001Dec
Nicholls Dr. Maxwell Nicholls (2) 2002   2001Dec
Nies Katherine Ann 'Katie' 2006 King County Journal  
Noelke Robert John 2001    
Nolan James J. 1935    
Nolan Timothy Shawn 'Tim' 2003 King County Journal  
Norby Sofus (1) 1971 Unknown  
Norby Sofus (2) 1971 Unknown  
Norby Sofus 1971 Memorial Booklet  
Norman Audrey Jean 1931   1930Dec
Norman Cyrias 1925    
Norman Gilbert 1923    
Norman Josephine Pelletreau 1929    
Norman Lewis 'Lew' D. 2003 King County Journal  
Norton Robin Perrigo 2009 Unknown  
Nosler Earl 1977 Sammamish Valley News  
Novak Philip F. and Mildred L. 2002    
Nutley Patrice Alexsis 2010 Seattle Times  
Nutley William S. 2010 Redmond Reporter 2009Dec
Nyberg Joseph W. 2002 Redmond Reporter 2001Dec
Oberto Lisa Marie 2003 King County Journal  
O'Brien Dorothy J. 2002    
O'Brien Edward Ransm 1982 Memorial Booklet  
O'Brien James 'Jim' 2003 King County Journal  
O'Brien Roberta Louise 2003 King County Journal  
Oddson Chester H. 2003 King County Journal  
O'Dell Julia Mae 1935    
Odell Helen A. Chamberlin Cotterill 2003 Unknown  
Oestreich Kurt Karl 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Offill Cathy L. 2006 King County Journal  
Oleson Eric 1926    
Olofson Emil 1978 Memorial Booklet  
Olofson Syster Amelia 1983 Seattle Times  
Olsen Anna Robstad 1952    
Olsen Conrad 1970 Unknown  
Olsen Oscar 1931    
Olson Agnes M. 2003 King County Journal  
Olson Albert W. 1934    
Olson Arnold W. 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Olson Eric 1932    
Olson James Dean 2006 King County Journal  
Olson Muriel 2002    
Olson Olivia J. 1930    
Olson Robert 1934    
Omley Kristine Rosette 1973 Unknown  
O'Neil Harvey D. 2006 King County Journal  
O'Neill Melanie E. 2001    
Opperud Mr. 1929    
Orr Mrs. 1924    
Orr Shirley Ann 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Orr Terry 2003 King County Journal  
Osberg Sr. Robert H. 2004 King County Journal  
Osborn Jackson 'Jack' S. 2002    
Osborne Sr. Eben Sumner 2000 Seattle Times  
Oslund Mrs. Nels 1932    
Otonicar Wilfred 2000    
Ottavelli Evelyn M. 2005 King County Journal  
Ottem Mrs. Lars H. 1934    
Ottem Louise 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Ottini Robert (1) 1923    
Ottini Robert (2) 1923    
Otto Hans Paul 1986 Journal American  
Overturf Lucretia 1931    
Owens Harriette B. L. 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Palmberg Mrs. 1918    
Panning Henry 1932    
Parimore Mary A. 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Paris Hugh R. 1935    
Park Ronald Walter 2010 Seattle Times  
Parker Ronald L. 2006 King County Journal  
Parrish Thomas S. 2001    
Partee Marilyn E. 2003 King County Journal  
Parton Joyce C. Ball 2006 King County Journal  
Pasion Pantaleon Morales 1988 Memorial Booklet  
Patricelli Fred J. 2000 Seattle Times  
Patrick Dale 1934    
Patterson Andrew 1933    
Patterson Rev. E. D. 1933    
Patton Linda Eileen 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Patty Benita Unknown Unknown  
Patty John Vurnett 1923    
Patty Lucy Gertrude 1938    
Patty Obed 1938    
Patty Olive Mae 1926    
Pearce Grace Evangeline 2004 King County Journal  
Pearl Silas Henry 1931    
Pearson Roger C. 'Curt' 2000    
Peck Lawrence E. 'Larry' 2002    
Pence Charles 1929    
Penney Jr. Elmer C. 2006 King County Journal  
Pennington Richard L. 2003 King County Journal  
Pense Mrs. J. R. 1924    
Permann Robert 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Perrigo Bruce Falconer 1945 Sammamish Valley News  
Perrigo George 1919    
Perrigo Joseph 'Bud' 2009 Seattle Times  
Perrigo Matilda 1938    
Perrigo W.P. (William) (1 of 2) 1930    
Perrigo W.P. (William) (2 of 2) 1930    
Perrigo W.P. (William) Memorial(p.1 of 2) 1930    
Perrigo W.P. (William) Memorial(p.2 of 2) 1930    
Perrigo Wells 1918    
Permann Robert 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Perruca Bette L. 2000    
Peterson Helen (1) 1972    
Peterson Helen (2) 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Peterson Thomas Burton 2003 King County Journal  
Petryk Raymond D. 2005 King County Journal  
Pfister Isabelle 1935    
Phillis III Harold Fred 'Hal' 2003 King County Journal  
Phinney Robert Wm. 2002    
Pickering Chandler 1999 Seattle Times  
Pickering Mildred "Mickey" 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Pickering Stanley L. 2008 Woodinville Weekly  
Pickering William 1939    
Pierce Frank R. 1924    
Platte Mr. 1926    
Plont Mrs. F. 1932    
Plovie Phillip 1999    
Poindexter Florence 1938    
Policar Ralph J. 2002    
Pool Mrs. A. M. 1933    
Pool Ruth Hitchings 1996 Seattle Times  
Porad Lawrence 2003 King County Journal  
Porter Fred 1936    
Porter Frederic E. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Potteiger Oscar C. 1969 Seattle Times  
Potteiger Susan 1983 Seattle Times  
Powell Richard L. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Powell Rosalie Darlene 2003 King County Journal  
Powers Michael Robert 1929    
Poznanski Bernard S. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Pravitz August H. 1932   1931Dec
Pray Grace Lydia 1998 Seattle Times  
Price Charles Goodman 1923    
Price William 'Bill' Joseph 2002    
Priebe Robert E. 1998 Seattle Times  
Pritchard Milton 1929    
Provan Thomas S. 1931    
Prutsman Marlene D. 2003 King County Journal  
Pucel Edward Joseph 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Pugh Jean Walker 2006 King County Journal  
Pupo Anne 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Pyke Ronald 2005 King County Journal  
Raab Marty 1998 Seattle Times  
Rackers Robert 'Bob' 2004 Redmond Reporter 2003Dec
Radtke Adolph 1993 Journal American  
Radtke Henry E. 'Hank' 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Radtke Henry E. 2009 Seattle Times  
Radtke Joan 1993 Journal American  
Radtke William J. 'Bill' 2005 King County Journal  
Ragar Bettye Jean 2004 King County Journal  
Ralls Alice O'Leary 1973    
Ralston Mrs. Norm 1934    
Randall Grace 1972    
Ranniger Patrick J. 2006 King County Journal  
Ratcliffe Robert G. 1932    
Redden Dorothy Anne 2003 King County Journal  
Read Herman B. 1934    
Reed H.S. 1933    
Regan Nancy Louise 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Reid Thomas Hampton 1999    
Reidel Thelma 'Omi' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Reil Del W. 2005 King County Journal  
Reilly Loana R., Barney 2002    
Rench Clara 1933    
Rettig Mildred Januara Hegdahl 2003 King County Journal  
Reuter Louise Dorothy 1925    
Reynolds Lola A. 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Reynolds Margaret DeVine 2001    
Rhone Steven Anthony Jr. 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Rice Bida 1923    
Richards Ina Bakketun 2003 King County Journal  
Richards Nathan Wellington 2002    
Richardson Bea L. 2003 King County Journal  
Richardson Joseph T. 2006 King County Journal  
Richardson Ruth 1935    
Riddle Marilyn L. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Riekena James D. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Rigstad John Iverson 1935    
Riley Thomas James 'TJ' III 2006 King County Journal  
Ring Martha M. 'Nana' 2002    
Ristine Sheila Douglass 2010 Seattle Times  
Ritzhaupt Edward 'Ed' 2003 King County Journal  
Roberson Leanard 1967 Sammamish Valley News  
Roberts Cora Victoria 1925    
Roberts Elvira June 1938    
Roberts Fred M. 1974 Sammamish Valley News 1973Dec
Roberts James M. 1931    
Roberts Rebecca L. 2006 King County Journal  
Roberts Sylvester 'Red' T. 2003 King County Journal  
Robertson Audrey I. 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Robertson Ryan David 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Robinson Al 1935    
Robinson Fleur 2006 King County Journal  
Robinson Kenneth C. 2007 King County Journal  
Robinson Ronald L. 2002    
Robstad Bjarne J. 1996 Journal American  
Robstad Bjarne Johan 1996 The Oregonian  
Robstad Mrs. C. 1931    
Robstad Harry 1928    
Robstad Hjalmar 1918    
Rockwell Jean Vanlaningham 2010 Seattle Times  
Rodman Thomas Eugene 2009 Seattle Times  
Roe Sr. Frank Wayne 2002    
Roe Gene Alan 2004 King County Journal  
Rogers Madeline 1936    
Roll Mildred Irene Anderson 2003 King County Journal  
Rosenbach Edward R. 2001    
Rosford Gabriel 1923    
Ross Margaret 1938    
Rouheanen John 1925    
Rounsavelle Dennis 'Denny' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Rowe Wesley W. 1935    
Ruark Wanda Nadine 2004 King County Journal  
Russell Howard A. 1937    
Rutan Patricia H. 'Pat' 2004 King County Journal  
Rutledge Fred A. 2005 King County Journal  
Rux Robert Charles 2006 King County Journal  
St. Germain Cecil 'Hap' 1999    
St. Germain William Albert 2006 King County Journal  
Salisbury Anne Lorraine 2003 King County Journal  
Salley Marcia Mae (Ford) 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Salstrom James Frederick 2005 King County Journal  
Sandberg Mary Ellen C. 2001    
Sandiford William H. 2001    
Sandy Phillip G. 1935    
Saunders Allen 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Saunders Donald Arthur 2001   2000Dec
Scheidegger Shirley R. 2006 King County Journal  
Schellhas Jack B. 2006 King County Journal  
Scherz Jackie 1932    
Schlappe David 1937    
Schlosser Davis 2007 KIRO Television Website  
Schmeising Howard H. 2003 King County Journal  
Schneider Amanda 1938    
Schrier Christina 1934    
Scott Anna 1935    
Scott Brett 2010 Seattle Times  
Scott Dean D. 'Danny' 2010 Seattle Times  
Scott James A. 1936    
Scott Mrs. Clayton 1923    
Scott Mrs. Lizzie 1933    
Scruggs Stella I. 2001    
Seidel Frank E. 2006 King County Journal  
Selby Vivian D. 2003 King County Journal  
Sharp Clara Josephine 2002    
Sherbeck L. Adair 2006 King County Journal  
Shields Dorothy Maxine 2003 Redmond Reporter  
Shinstrom Clayton A. undated Unknown Newspaper  
Shinstrom Frank M. 1924    
Shinstrom Frank R. 1968 Sammamish Valley News  
Shively Ruth 1937    
Shoemaker Nancy C. 1924    
Shrader Ruth Margaret 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Shreck Walter 1929    
Shrewsbery Alfred W. 1932    
Shults Calvin 2001    
Shults Walter Lindley 1973    
Sick Martha White Gardner(1 of 2) 1992 Journal American  
Sick Martha White Gardner(2 of 2) 1992 Journal American  
Sick Martha White Gardner 1992 Seattle Times  
Sidell Custer 1918    
Siepmann Mary Rosina 1923    
Sigel Joe 1933    
Sigfrid Arthur Rennie 2000 Memorial Booklet  
Sikes Jannet Adair 1939    
Sine Shirley M. 2008 Redmond Reporter  
Skinner Millard 'Mill' 2002    
Skone Elaine 2006 Redmond Reporter  
Slee Ronald Duane 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Sleveland Egil Ingar 2009 Seattle Times  
Smith David J. 2006 King County Journal  
Smith E. A. 1928    
Smith Elsie Forbes (p. 1 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Smith Elsie Forbes (p. 2 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Smith Elsie Forbes 2009 Seattle Times  
Smith Emma Francis 1972    
Smith Essa 2003 King County Journal  
Smith Esther Tye 2010 Seattle Times  
Smith Eunice Marie 2001    
Smith Jeffrey C. 1972 Sammamish Valley News  
Smith Margaret 2003 King County Journal  
Smith Troy C. 1999    
Smith Vivien Hazel Yocum 2010 Seattle Times  
Smith William M. 1932    
Snelson Donald Keith 2004 King County Journal  
Snook Alex D. 2010 Seattle Times  
Snook E. Glenn 2005 King County Journal  
Soderstrom Harold G. 2006 King County Journal  
Soderstrom Nels Gus 1938    
Sollitto Frances Mary 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Sollitto Robert A. (1) 2005 Seattle Times  
Sollitto Robert A. (2) 2005 Redmond Reporter  
Sollitto Robert (3) 2005 Seattle Times  
Sollitto Robert A. (4) 2006 Redmond Recorder  
Sollitto Tess E. (2) 2006 Seattle Times  
Sollitto Tess (p. 1 of 3) 2006 Seattle Times  
Sollitto Tess (p. 2 of 3) 2006 Seattle Times  
Sollitto Tess (p. 3 of 3) 2006 Seattle Times  
Sorensen Carl 1926    
Sorweide Bessie B. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Sorweide Charles Roland 'Rollie' 2006 King County Journal  
Sorweide Mabel I. 2003 King County Journal  
Spangler Wendy Anderson 2006 King County Journal 2005Dec
Spaulding Kenneth 1972 Bellevue American  
Speelmon Bob 2008 Seattle Times  
Spencer Marilyn Dorothy 2003 King County Journal  
Springgay Eileen 2006 King County Journal  
Sprint Ruth Gertrude 2005 King County Journal  
Spurling Elsie 1933    
Squarebriggs Baesman Donna 2002    
Stahlheimer Marjorie 1926    
Staley George H. 2002   2001 Dec
Stalhammer Rose M. 2006 King County Journal  
Stallman Nellie-Brooke 2001    
Stallman Samuel 'Sammy' Lee 2003 King County Journal  
Stalwick James E. 2001    
Stamm Henry Edward 2006 King County Journal  
Stanley Floe Annice 1969    
Stapp Loretta I. 2004 King County Journal  
Stares Mrs. Bessie 1925    
Stauffer Walter N. 2003 King County Journal  
Steele Arthur D. 2006 King County Journal  
Steenbakkers Nancy C. 2002 Idaho Statesman  
Steinberg Peter 'Pete' J. 2002    
Stensland Ben 1936    
Stensland John 1932    
Stensland Gunla 1923    
Stensland Ole 1933    
Stensland Richard Lee 2006 Seattle Times  
Stenstrom Carl 1938    
Stephens H. M. 1922    
Stevens Everet Lincoln 2004 King County Journal  
Stevenson Virginia 2006 King County Journal  
Steward Tom J. 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Stickney Dianne L. German 2003 King County Journal  
Stilz John 1976 Bellevue American  
Stiteler Betty 1935    
Stokke Esther 2003 King County Journal 2002Dec
Stone Mabel 2004 King County Journal 2003Dec
Stoneback William 'Bill' L. 2004 King County Journal  
Storey Francis 1927    
Storie Brett T. 2002    
Story Mary Dorothy 1927    
Stotts Lena Leota 1931    
Stray Thorvald Lars 2005 King County Journal  
Stuart Bessie 1931    
Stuart Dan 1938    
Sullivan Billy 'Sully' 2002    
Sult Francis Preston 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Sundholm Andrew Levi c. 1973 Unknown  
Sundholm Olaf P. 1937    
Sundstrom Walter J. 2001    
Sutter Donald F. 2005 King County Journal  
Swaffield Dale Frederick 1985 Memorial Booklet  
Swanberg Raymond (p. 1 of 2) 1993 Seattle Times  
Swanberg Raymond (p. 2 of 2) 1993 Seattle Times  
Swanson Bert 1928    
Swanson Elsie C. 2006 King County Journal 2005Dec
Swanson Martin G. 2003 King County Journal  
Sweeds John 1931    
Sween Carl 1971 Sammamish Valley News  
Sweet Kenneth W. 2006 Redmond Reporter 2005Nov
Swenson Roy F. 1984 Journal American  
Swift Thomas G. 2006 King County Journal  
Tanedo Irene Chavez 2001    
Tarpley Robert W. 2003 King County Journal  
Taylor Betty Lou 2003 King County Journal  
Taylor Kathryn Louise 2002 Unknown  
Teichen Velma Ellen 2002    
Temkin Richard L. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Temple Robert Barbour (1) 2001    
Temple Robert Barbour (2) 2001 Seattle Times  
Templeton Harry 1931   1930Dec
Tennyson Georg Bernhard 2007 Los Angeles Times  
Terrell Helen Cecille 2006 King County Journal  
Tessem Isla 'Tessie' 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Tessem Isla F. 2002 Memorial Booklet  
Teubner Elizabeth 'Libby' J. 2010 Seattle Times  
Theno Charles 'Bud' (1) 1996 Journal American  
Theno Charles 'Bud' (2) 1996 Journal American  
Thomas Dillwyn 2001    
Thomas Donald M. 2004 King County Journal  
Thomas Edward Lyman 1937    
Thomas Evan 1933    
Thomas Grace C. Undated Unknown  
Thomas Richard E. 2006 King County Journal  
Thomas Tom (p. 1 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Thomas Tom (p. 2 of 2) 2009 Memorial Booklet  
Thomas Tom 2009 Seattle Times  
Thompson Bernadette M. 1977 Journal American  
Thompson Florence M. Fuerst 2004 Seattle Times  
Thompson George Edward 1923    
Till Herbert Franklen 2005 King County Journal  
Timmons Herb Joseph 1999    
Titmus Bill 1926    
Tobey Susan K. Mullette 2003 King County Journal  
Tochterman Charlotte Azelia 2008 Seattle Times  
Torgerson Patricia Ann 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Torjussen Asbjorg 2002    
Tosh Robert 1925    
Tosh Elizabeth 1919    
Travenen Josephine M. 2007 King County Journal  
Travis M. Thomas 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Trimble Mrs. Anna E. 1919    
Trimble William J. 1925    
Tuor Troy Lawrence 2004 King County Journal  
Turcotte Helen 1974 Sammamish Valley News  
Turner Ed 1929    
Turner Robert 'Rob' J. 2001 Seattle Times  
Turner Samuel 1929    
Turple Amelia 1936    
Turple Ransford 1952 Sammamish Valley News  
Turrin Veto C. 2003 King County Journal  
Ulmer Laura 1936    
Utter Dr. William V. 2009 Redmond Reporter  
Valentine Mr. 1929    
Van Debogart Lulu May 1935    
Van Eynde Arthur A. 2006 King County Journal  
Van House Julia 1971 Sammamish Valley News  
van Houten Eric 2005 King County Journal  
Van Noy Ralph G. 2000    
Van Slyke Alyce M. 2006 King County Journal  
Vance Rev. James H. 2010 Seattle Times  
Vanderberg William 1923    
Varnau Arlene 2007 Seattle Times 2006Dec
Varness JoAnn 2006 King County Journal  
Varney Leo J. 2003 King County Journal  
Veeder James Ryer 2006 Seattle Times  
Venema George A. 1933    
Vessa Barbara Kathryn 2006 King County Journal  
Vickerson Sidney J. 1933    
Victor Frank J. 2003 Seattle Times  
Vinje Fred T. 2006 Seattle Times  
Voss Wanda Lee 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Wagner Errol R. 2001    
Walch Etta M. 1930    
Walker Barbara K. 2006 King County Journal  
Walker Herman A. 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Walker Stephanie A. 2006 King County Journal  
Wallace Adron 1973    
Wallace James 1931    
Wallace James W. (1) 1933    
Wallace James W. (2) 1933    
Wallace Troy M. 1932    
Wallace Winfred W. 1925    
Waln Marion Quackenbush 2004 King County Journal  
Walter Anne Mary 2001    
Walter George Ernest 1997    
Walters Jess Randolph 1925    
Walther Mary 1936    
Walvatne Alice 2006 King County Journal  
Wappenstein Charles W. 1931    
Ward Leon John 2001    
Ward Newell E. 2000    
Warfield Harold M. 2003 King County Journal  
Warmus Amelia H. 1969 Sammamish Valley News  
Warner Arthur C. 2001    
Warren Helen Virginia 2006 King County Journal  
Wasem Lance Wayne 2003 King County Journal  
Watkins Agnes Lillian 1925    
Watkins JoAnn Pope 2009 Seattle Times  
Watkins Ruth L. 2002    
Watts Laura Elaine 2005 King County Journal  
Watts Laura Elaine (p. 1 of 2) 2005 Memorial Booklet  
Watts Laura Elaine (p. 2 of 2) 2005 Memorial Booklet  
Watts Jr. Walter 'Wally' Herman 2008 Seattle Times  
Way Alice Mary 2001 Seattle Times  
Way Alice M. 2001    
Way Dr. John 2002 Seattle Times  
Weber Douglas Duane 2005 King County Journal  
Weber Grace W. 2001 Memorial Booklet  
Weber Joseph F. 1937    
Weed Susan Wilkins 2006 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
Weiss Bessie 1984 Journal American  
Weiss Rose Irene George (1) 2010 Redmond Reporter  
Weiss Rose Irene George (2) 2010 Seattle Times  
Welcome Mavis N. 2003 King County Journal  
Wellman Harley Wayne 2007 Redmond Reporter  
Westby Ella B. 1923    
Weygandt Albertina H. 2002    
Whalen Dennis 1937    
Whalen Floyd G. 1938    
Whaley Russell R. 1991 Journal American ?  
Wheeland Mrs. 1929    
Wheeler Lucille M. 2007 Seattle Post-Intelligencer  
White Eglantine L. 2001    
White Eleanor Marie 1928    
White Emma Francis 1932    
White Florence D. 2003 King County Journal  
White Roy Hamilton 2002    
Whitehall Letitia 1926    
Whittington Margaret Marne 2003 King County Journal  
Wickler F.W. 1946    
Wigren Marguerite 'Maggie' 2007 King County Journal 2006Dec
Wiley Clara Josephine 1938    
Wiley Ferdnando M. 1929    
Willhite Vera K. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Williams Gail E. 2001 Seattle Times  
Williams Sharon L. 2005 King County Journal  
Williamson Donald Lewis 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Wilskey Evelyn M. 2002 Seattle Times  
Wilson David W. 2010 Seattle Times  
Wilson Elnore M. 2006 King County Journal  
Wilson Jr. Harry W. 2003 King County Journal  
Wilson Jr. Kenneth Leroy 2002    
Wilson Lester E. 1933    
Wilson Talmadge Allen 2003 King County Journal  
Wilson William P. 1936    
Wilton Martha P. 2002 Redmond Reporter  
Winckoski Janice Virginia 'Jan' 2002    
Windsheimer William A. 'Bill' (1) 2001    
Windsheimer William A. 'Bill' (2) 2001 Seattle Times  
Winn Gary C. 2001    
Winter Frank 1933    
Winter Gladys 'Misho' 2010 Seattle Times  
Winter Richard F. 2010 Seattle Times  
Wiswell Harry 1932    
Wolcker Einer Alexander 1972    
Wood Jeff Allan 'Woody' 2002    
Woodcock Mr. 1924    
Woodring Deborah 'Debby' 2002    
Woodside Dr. J. H. 1932    
Woodside Sue Chatfield 1936    
Woodworth Alfred Ansel 1932    
Worley Jeremy Brendan Grant 2004 Redmond Reporter  
Wright Lucile 'Lu' D. 1999    
Wright Nadine 2006 King County Journal  
Wuest Roland George 2005 King County Journal  
Wulfert Carl 1936    
Wycoff Donald 1933    
Wyman Norma Hockford 1938    
Yates W. Gordon 1999    
Yoshitake Taro 1980 Seattle Times  
Yosick David Andrew Gee 2003 King County Journal  
Young Lorraine B. 2000    
Young Selwyn 'Bud' 1999 Seattle Times  
Youngerman Theo 1925    
Zackuse Amelia 1960    
Zeatchus Joseph A. 1934    
Zill Willard M. 2003 King County Journal  
Zweifelhofer Winifred Spaulding 1989 Unknown  
Zwick Elton 'Ole' 2002    
Zwick Elton Carl 'Ole' 2002 Memorial Booklet  
Zwicky Mary 1934    

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